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Read More: 10-17-18

What to do with my anger?

When I get angry, God tells me to NOT sin (Eph 4:26).  He doesn't say to not get angry.  I have to remember that the wrath of man will NOT produce God's righteousness (James 1:20).  So yelling at my kids to do the right thing is not effective and will NOT produce the result that I desire, for them to be and act more like Jesus.  It's funny to think that I get so angry at an 8-year-old for not always choosing the right word or action when I at 42 haven't been able to do that for one single day my whole life!  So, again, what am I supposed to do? PAUSE Pray Ask Uphold Save Exault 

Pray for Peace, Patience, and Wisdom

Ask God what He wants to teach my child in that very moment

Uphold my child and their place of love and acceptance in our relationship

Save him/her from the lie of the enemy that convinced him/her to sin 

Exault the Lord for conquering our sin and giving us the Holy Spirit to overcome our desire to sin